Static Slammed E36 | White and Yellow Edition

Its possible you may have seen this slammed bmw 325i e36 around and may not recognize it sometimes because the owner switches wheels colors often. It has gone through gunmetal, green, baby blue, and now the current color is yellow. Completed with a lot of M3 conversion goodies, this static e36 is a head turner and those yellow bbs style 5s give it and outstanding look. Wherever he goes, people always stare and take pics with their phones. In the process of filming this, it is the first video Im shooting in 1080p. I like the shots when I use the slider, but when I was free handing my shots, it wasnt so good and I forgot to switch it to 720p 60fps, which is what I prefer shooting at all times, but I wanted to try something different. While you watch, you may be able to tell some differences because of some ghost like blur motions, and I hate that, but I couldnt do much about it unless we schedule another shoot again. I tried to create something similar to the "Stance Kills" video. Hope